The Muslim Clothing Open 2009

Party event mode most akbar "Fashion Exploration 2009" held in the official Cendrawasih Room, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/12/2008) this afternoon. Muslim fashion parade of 13 The Association of Indonesian Fashion Designer Entrepreneur (APPMI) is also an opportunity to open the event.

Designer clothing options that Muslims have the opportunity parade of clothes most of them hannie Anyar Hananto, Monika Jufry, Iva Lativaf, Ade Listiany, Ida Royani, Hennie Noor, Toera Imara, Lia Afif, Jenny Tjahyawati, Merry Pramono, Savitri, Irna Pearl, and Nuniek Mawardi.

"This time the number of islamic clothing that only 13 people participated. Nevertheless, they show that the collection is very different from the previous collection of reference and follow the latest trends," said Taruna K Kusmayadi the disambangi okezone in kediamannya region III Duren Barat, South Jakarta, the new recently.

The designer is often disapa Nuna is added, each designer gets the opportunity parade 15 men and women clothing, women's or all collections.

"This time APPMI want multiformity memopulerkan decorative Indonesia. Ragam hias Indonesia such as the aspects in the form of clothing, print, embroidery, finishing of the material or accessory that reflects ornamentasi. So, the theme this time have any broader meaning. Not just simply to make material , but also the designer can explore the entire property Nusantara

Islamic Clothing & Muslim Dress

At this time so many types and forms of Muslim dress in the designer, especially with the Idul Fitri. Starting from model clothing for children, mothers, men's clothing and women. What is wholesale clothing muslim / muslimah clothing wholesale and sell retail.

Special clothing mothers, the trend is more Islamic Clothing gamis which directly without the need to use a subordinate or trousers. Clothes gamis this combined with a variety of jewelry beads, berpayet or various forms of embroidery thread with a variety of natural colors such as silver, brown, gold and cream.

According to one observer Islamic Clothing, Muslim clothing is now a trend with more colors kalem. Next, for mothers who do not like the model gamis directly or clothes, is also available with a subordinate Muslim dress pants.

Muslim dress has a cotton or tissue basis, with additional models shanghai neck with color and color-neutral. But with the added embellishment of yarn formed different types of flowers and leaves. If this model baju muslim life is not too many beads.
While for men is still synonymous with clothes koko formed with the various models. Koko clothing for men with a cotton base material, tissue, and t-shirts, kerahnya the only form of dianekaragamkan. Have mobilized and are not mobilized. While the motif clothes more varied. While for color, are still synonymous with the natural color, black and brown and cream. If purchased in the wholesale Islamic Clothing, we have to be charming, if sometimes not seteliti buying retail.
Islamic Clothing for the youth, fashion trends at this time is a balloon model and also Islamic Clothing with an additional pair of trousers. Model is also not much different with the model and the trend for mothers

The Beauty behind Islamic Fashion

As more and more women are keeping the identity of Muslimah, fashion world is more developed. Clothing is created not only in accordance with the faith but also elegant and beautiful women issue aura Muslimah.

In the beautiful simplicity, that's the theme that carried Maya Rachman parade in the best designer islamic fashion Indonesia "Light Style 2008" held Mumtaaz Boutique, in Pejompongan, Jakarta, Saturday (28 / 6). He discounted the clothes as classic tunik, abaya, and shorts are decorated kerancang and embroidery terinsipirasi a diversity of cantiknya flowers Indonesia. Maya the impression that no less beautiful with a snippet of the present. Choose neutral colors such as black, white, and gray, Maya displays the two sides try to Muslim women. In addition to a modern, dynamic and elegant, but also soft, feminim young and spirited. To complete the final results, and crystal applications payet be used to increase the sophistication.

Meanwhile, Pearl Irna through Irna La Perle mengusung its theme of "Purity of Beauty." He was showing a snippet of friends, which is a mix of European style with good modifications. Equipped with accents such as ribbon, brooch, and swarovsky. Elections of taffeta, tule, champagne-colored silk and a dusty consecutive want to reinforce the theme that he hadirkan.

Followed by the draft property Joko Aditya "Biltar Accent." He was around long way from Blitar. Joko create a unique blend of materials for batik, weaving, and jeans. Islamic fashion style clothing is exclusive in the modern breath he show a unique and interesting.

Have the loose-fitting clothing, long, wide-sleeved, and the lines of the abaya and float displayed Najua Yanti mengusung Ramadan with the theme "Rythm of the Desert Dawn." Ruga accents, frills, payet, stones, lace, and Sulam, use it as a detail that strengthen own style of exotic romance. Using have a cotton / Lycra, silk taffeta, voile, and sifon, Najua atmosphere to bring the beauty of deserts in the twilight days.

Increase the diversity of Muslim clothing that is displayed, choose the materials Merry Pramono pashley cotton print, sifon, Thai silk stretch material for mold design neo romantic own. Inspired by the clothes that have discounted the Roman and detail that is unique, it is the state with a modern design combined with the colors of choice. Details balloon arm, neck, and chest wrinkle under the prominent visible, the clothing is more attractive and romantic experience.

Muslim Fashion Festival

For the first time, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan Muslim clothing introduce to the world in one place. The three countries intend this to the clothing of Muslim world.

The event called the Islamic Fashion Festival, which for the first time held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with a display of 15 works of designers and design school origin Malaysia.

From Indonesia, the designers are showing Nuary Herman, Iva Lativah, Erni Kosasih, Ramli, Itang Unasz, Ghea Panggabean, Samuel Watimena and Sebastian Gunawan.

Then, from Malaysia to attend Tom Abang Saufi, Kapas Couture, Carven Academy of fashion, Radzan Radziwill. Melvin Lam, Rozi and Bernard Chandran. Meanwhile, Pakistan's designers appear Deepak Perwani.

Setting the stage appear similar to the stage at Milan fashion week. High stage only a few centimeters from the floor.

The petinggi Malaysia, limited guests, attended the event which lasted about two hours it. Sebastian Gunawan as the representative of Indonesia cover the entire series of events.

Followed by a dinner dimeriahkan by two Indonesian guests of honor, Sebastian Gunawan and Biyan. Each menampillan five Muslim clothing design their results, and one of five Muslim clothing that go to the block for the foundation didonasikan hope Kanak-Kanak Malaysia.


Meanwhile, in a separate place not long Adjie Notonegoro to bring this collection teranyarnya. Designers who never got a degree of reverence del Traje Museum in Madrid as a very unique kebayanya invite the organization of Intellectual Property so that good can be recognized as a national clothing Indonesia.

The Leading Lady themed show this collection kebaya dress and both the bride also has clothing. Kebayanya appear to vary, or short-sleeved long dress style that resembles 1920s. All made from string payet a sparkling and luxurious.

Kebaya the present blend in and adaptation of international and west such as the use of veil or veil with a modified kebaya very modern.

Adjie still subordinate to maintain the style of kebaya was not far from the traditional, but a combination of both, and this looks pretty interesting. To design, expensive dress, Adjie membautnya more diverse with the look or style mini-skirt bank.

Views vary widely couture that comes with bold colors. She wanted to show a different side with women. Bright colors to cover most of the lines that appear simple design.

Many of the meeting is a collection of red thread this time, creating a new style of dress for women this year. This exhibition also as a RendezVous Adjie setianya to the fans.

Indonesian People Call it Busana Muslim